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Emerging technologies are a disruptive force driving changes to existing business models. Many corporate leaders are increasingly considering how technology can improve operational efficiencies, create new products and support expansion. They are also surveying the landscape for competitive entrants who may disrupt their industries. Overlooking these opportunities can be costly, but so can a rush to implement them.

In this research report, Corporate Board Member and EY provide a snapshot of what is taking shape in boardrooms across the country and how directors can improve their oversight of disruptive innovation, as well as assess the risk-reward equation of emerging technologies over both the long and short terms.


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believe they have the appropriate resources to move the company forward in this era of digital disruption 

consider themselves “very” attuned to the potential disruption of their organization and industry 

say they primarily rely on management to stay current on business trends and innovation 

would support management in undertaking projects that offer long-term value even if they create additional risks in the short term